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We have refined an approach for physician satisfaction tracking (in hospital venues) where we complete the quantitative tracking survey first, and then follow up with focus groups with physicians at each hospital and probe out in detail the findings from the self-administered survey. Too often physician satisfaction results are distributed to hospital management without identifying root causes or providing any guidance for action planning to improve results. The follow up focus groups help us drill down to those root causes that explain the survey data so we can pinpoint "where" in the continuum of care the problems actually originate. We are able to probe out the why behind a score that went up or down since last year, and we often uncover new dimensions of importance to physicians. This approach provides much clearer direction for action planning than standardized surveys alone.

We offer a unique continuous wave tracking survey for dental practice patients. Dentistry is a fiercely competitive field, yet relatively few dental practices collect any information on their patients' satisfaction. We offer a comprehensive research program tailored specifically for dentists that provides you with a dashboard of key satisfaction metrics for running your practice so you can maximize your patient satisfaction and loyalty.

While most hospitals conduct their required employee satisfaction surveys they usually only complete the quantitative survey part of the program. They get their annual summary scores from the nursing staff and review the numbers over time and compared to other hospitals. In our experience this appraoch is too often ineffective. The nursing job has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Often these are the most over-worked and stressed out employees in the organization - because they have the most work to do and the least authority to do it. We conduct focus groups with nurses and are able to identify emerging trends and issues for you long before your annual or semi-annual survey will be able to pick up anything. Your nurses want to give you feedback; but they often feel like you don't really want to hear what they have to say. SME Research can find out what you need to know.