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Your business is affected by both internal and external variables. Managerial processes that worked very well a few years ago may no longer be effective, either because of internal issues such as growth (or decline) or external issues such as increased competition, changing technology, or a weak economy. You need market data to get and stay on top.

Market Structure Analysis

The information from a Market Structure Analysis can help your company re-position to increase sales, develop a new communication strategy, identify your current competitors, or prepare for a financial transaction. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market space your firm competes in to help you understand:

  • The size of the industry
  • Breakdown by market share
  • Positioning for the major players
  • Demographic or firmographic summaries for the segments
  • Technology drivers that may be changing the industry, and
  • Identify sources of value - both obvious and hidden - to help optimize your company's performance and valuation.

For our detailed paper on Market Structure Analysis give us a call or send us an email request.

Business Plan Development

Many SME companies run for years without a formal business plan in place. All the planning resides in the owner's head. However, having a formal business plan can be a very strong management tool. The plan helps to insure that all employees know where the company is headed and just how the firm plans to get there. It defines the priorities and allocates the resources for the coming year, so everyone at the company is working on the "right" things and presenting the same story to customers and investors. The following sections may be included in your business plan.

  • Executive Summary
  • The Company
  • The Products and Services
  • The Strategy (value proposition, positioning, target customers, targeted growth)
  • Industry Analysis (market size and trends)
  • Management
  • Financials.

Employee Strategy

Are you having trouble with employee morale, performance, retention or turnover? We will analyze the employees' perceptions of their work space, job responsibilities, and the company's culture to help you identify the root causes and develop solutions to meet your goals of improved morale, reduced attrition, and improved loyalty. We often find in SME firms that employees have differing perceptions about the company's strategy and priorities, and feel frustrated at the apparently frequent changes in direction from the top. And your customers may feel frustrated too, because they get inconsistent messages and service from your employees. In these situations having a Business Plan can significantly help to align the troops against common goals, and improve your customer satisfaction as well.

Competitive Intelligence

This is information about your competitors that you need to know to insure that your positioning is unique and offers your customers benefits they aren't or can't get from other companies, that your products and services are competitive in your industry sector, and that your pricing is competitive. We will conduct exhaustive secondary analyses, including checking public filings, to present you with concise, actionable summaries of your competitors. Staying abreast in your industry, particularly in these volatile economic times, is a key management tool that can help you keep your business strategy current and competitive.